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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pastor, labor advocate, seafarer, biker: Texas priest does it all

Father Sinclair Oubre, like many priests, has multiple responsibilities.

They include being pastor of a parish and administrator of a mission in the Diocese of Beaumont, Texas; running the Apostleship of the Sea office for the diocese and serving on the apostleship's national board; being Web site administrator of the Catholic Labor Network and sponsoring meetings in Washington in conjunction with the annual Catholic Social Ministry Gathering; and being on the board of directors of Interfaith Worker Justice.

Now, what could a man like that do that would combine all of those interests and avocations?

Would you believe working one month every year as a seafarer -- using his accumulated vacation time from priestly ministry to do so?

Father Oubre, 50, first started working on boats as a seminary student during the summer to help pay for tuition. Now he does it to keep active his membership in the International Seafarers' Union, and as a change of pace from parish life.

"So much of the work of running a parish is cerebral. You're either doing paperwork or you're speaking. It's all cerebral stuff," Father Oubre told Catholic News Service in a telephone interview from Beaumont.

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1 comment:

Thomas L. said...

I know this priest, I've seen him before. He's in my diocese. He's a nice man from what I remember of him.