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Friday, July 11, 2008

Pro-Life Group: Barack Obama Camp Doesn't Deny Tax-Funded Abortion OK

A classic case of double-talk. He can't claim to want to reduce abortion and at the same time do so much to promote, advance and fund it.

A pro-life group that has launched a new campaign highlighting presidential candidate Barack Obama's support for taxpayer-funded abortions says his campaign hasn't denied that's the case. In its official response, the Obama campaign said nothing to refute the contention.

Earlier this week, the Christian Defense Coalition launched a national campaign called, "Barack Obama: The Abortion President."

It features advertisements and a media campaign focused on an imagine of Uncle Sam with Obama's face saying, "I want you to pay for abortions."

The group stressed that Senator Obama would have all Americans pay for abortions both here and abroad under his health care plan and other policies. But he claims to want to to reduce them? How's that supposed to happen when he wants to provide them free?

In an official response to the group, Obama campaign spokesperson Nick Shapiro claimed the pro-abortion candidate wants to reduce abortions despite making Americans pay for them. THEN DON'T USE OUR TAX MONEY TO PAY FOR THEM!

story here

Paul Nichols did a Cartoon explaining how Catholics for Obama "check their Catholicism at the voting booth".

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