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Monday, July 14, 2008

UCF Catholic Group Faces Hazing Charges For Protecting 'Body Of Christ'

This is unreal.

This kid attends a Mass and steals/kidnaps what others hold sacred, and that's ok, but now he will claim hazing because well-meaning people tried to stop him? All he had to do was to leave the Host. And I think his claim of "death threats" is bogus.

It will be interesting to see if UCF supports theft.

A Catholic student group is facing hazing charges after a worshiper allegedly used force while trying to rescue a communion wafer from a student leader smuggling it out of Mass.

Catholics consider the consecrated wafer, the Eucharist, among the most sacred objects in the world and believe it becomes the 'Body of Christ' through transubstantiation.

Student Government Senator Webster Cook filed the hazing charges with University of Central Florida administrators shortly after he admitted violating church rules by bringing the Eucharist home from Mass on June 29, then holding it hostage for one week in a plastic bag before returning it.

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my original post:

Death Threats for College Student Who Smuggled ‘Body of Christ’

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