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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update on Fr. Francis Mary Stone

Both the Curt Jester and Fr. Joe posted updates on Fr. Francis Mary Stone, who is now going by the name Dave Stone.  Apparently he is now selling a nutrition drink called zrii.

I find it offensive that he is using the slogan " living life on the rock".  That is a slap in the face to all those who watch the show and were shocked when he walked away.


Frank2 said...

I agree. I think Dave need to see a shrink about his problems.
We are seeing greed here. While Raymond Arroyo or Jeff Cavins can go out and sell themselves with talks and such, they were never priests and took vows. Dave Stone just wants to be part of the "fame' he once had. Sorry but after having an affair and having a child out of wedlock while teaching chastity. His 15 minutes are up.
"Lighten up, Francis!"
Leave your EWTN life behind.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is just trying to make an income to support his new family. At least he didn't hide behind his Bishop and relocate like all the other dead beat dad priests out there with babies. He owned up to his responsibilities. He's embracing God's apparent will for his life. He even commented that he had been blessed. He's doing the right thing, even if you do not agree with the way in which he is doing it. I doubt any of his "friends" or even his Bishop has helped him to get a job to do this. That is the real sin! Too many sinners out there pointing a finger instead of offering help. "Judge not lest ye be judged", "Let those of you with out sin cast the first stone", "What you do to the least of these, you have done to me."

Anonymous said...

"Dead-beat dad priests with babies?????"

Now, there's a charitable statement.

Let's hope that Dave is indeed doing God's will. It would be nice to see him show the integrity of truly walking away from his vocation and EWTN instead of trying to hang on to "Life on the Rock." The show existed long before he arrived and it continues after his departure.

Catholic Wife said...

I take it that link had information about a baby? I was researching the drink he sells and another person is selling it under the slogan "Live life Abudantly" sounds a lot like The Abudant Life another EWTN show. I don't think this is Fr. Francis Mary. How sure are we that he does have a kid?

Iris said...

I didn't know exactly what happened until now... Sadly, other Priests have had the same story (some even more public than others). One of our parish's priests is celebrating 40 years in the Priesthood today, and he said he was ordered with other 32 priests, of which just 8 are left... Please, keep praying for vocations!

Laura, Mary Veronica said...

Oy! I never cared for Dave Stone when he was Fr. Francis Mary. I just got the impression that he was rather full of himself. I much preferred Fr. Anthony and Fr. Dominic, both of whom he used to ridicule on the air. When he got into trouble and left, I was saddened but not shocked. I know anyone can make a mistake and mess up their whole life! It is all too easy to do. But for this man to have the nerve to sell some drink and use the slogan that includes "life on the rock" in it confirms my earlier impressions of him. Yes, he needs prayer! I don't know if this man will ever achieve humility!

Julie S said...

there are many examples from my own life of priests who became dads or at least hubbies- out of the 8 or so priests I knew at the Catholic chaplancy, 3 got married that I know of..! I am sure of one of them becoming a Dad but it may be more, so it happens i do know that, but we are not to judge, just to pray for them and pray that more men will chose to love and honor their vows and vocations to the priesthood, for the sake of us who need their ministry so much! God bless our priests, and please Mary pray for your sons! Amen!