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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bishop Lori bows out of Catholic university dinner honoring pro-abortion Kennedy

I applaud Bishop Lori for speaking out, and for refusing to honor a pro-abort.  However, as I follow stories such as Notre Dame and this one, I find it frustrating that "Catholic" universities, which should be contributing to the faith formation of their young and impressionable students,  are projecting the falsehood that it is ok for Catholics to support pro-aborts, embryonic stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, and other grave issues that are contrary to Catholic teachings.  It is NOT.   We should do our best to live our faith 24/7.

Bishop of Bridgeport William Lori has said he will not attend a Sacred Heart University dinner which will honor pro-abortion Catholic Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of Robert F. Kennedy. He also commented on the University of Notre Dame’s invitation to President Barack Obama, saying it was contrary to efforts to resist the president’s “anti-life” policies.

The April 4 edition of the Fairfield County Catholic reported: “Bishop Lori indicated that he will neither support nor attend Sacred Heart University’s Discovery Awards and Scholarship Dinner on April 22 because it will honor Kerry Kennedy, a longtime Catholic pro-choice activist. Bishop Lori is chairman of the Sacred Heart board.”

The Cardinal Newman Society, quoting the Connecticut Post, reported that Kerry Kennedy disagrees with the Catholic position on issues including abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and same-sex “marriage.”

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