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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Former Fox News Anchor Kelly Wright’s Mother Considered Abortion, Chose Life after Being Raped

This past Saturday, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Kelly Wright talked with Mike Huckabee on his Fox News show about his mother’s decision to give birth to him despite having conceived him in rape. Kelly made the appearance to promote his new book, “America’s Hope in Troubled Times.”

In his new book, Wright describes how his mother was raped when she was 16 years old, and how he was the result of that rape.

Calling the way he came into the world “very unique” Wright explained that in the summer of 1954 his mother had become close friends with the young wife of a pastor. One day, Wright’s mother went to her friend’s house to go shopping. However, her friend had already left, and when Wright’s mother entered the home of the pastor, he assaulted her.

When Wright’s mother found out she was pregnant, she was offered an abortion as a means out. However, in 1954 abortions were still illegal, and Wright acknowledged that she would have been putting herself at great risk by undergoing one.

However, the primary reason Wright’s mother choose not to have him killed was her desire for children. Wright quotes his mother as having said, “This is god telling me that this may be the only biological child I have.” As it turns out, Wright’s mother was right, and Kelly would be her only biological child; Kelly’s sister was adopted.

Kelly Wright, in addition to being a correspondent for Fox News, is also now a pastor. He says, “It just shows how god was looking out for me and I had a purpose to live for.”

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1 comment:

Samuel said...

If this is the same Kelly Wright from Hagerstown Maryland that worked at WHAG-TV then I know you from years ago and I am so proud of you. Being a Christian is hard in these times. I did not know you were at FOX. God Bless you Kelly.
Sam Danner Hagerstown, Maryland