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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Are Americans Outraged by Sandy Hook, Apathetic About Abortion?

A good perspective from Rolley Haggard.  I've been asking myself the same question.  
The shooting at Sandy Hook was a  horrible tragedy that left 26 dead.  The whole country grieved.  Yet every day in this country approximately  3500 babies are killed by abortion, and, unfortunately,   that is legal and there is nowhere near the outrage that there should be. 

Just a few weeks ago we all saw an example of what is arguably one of mankind’s greatest problems. You can probably guess the event I’m alluding to: the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. You are unlikely, though, to guess why I cite it.

Contrary to what you might assume, I don’t cite it because of the raw display of murderous rage that drove Adam Lanza to gun down more than two dozen innocent people.

Nor do I cite it because of the sad circumstances of Adam’s life that resulted in his carrying out these horrific acts.

No; there was, coterminous with what happened at Sandy Hook, a more fundamental and pervasive problem occurring across America, indicting all but a percentage who have awakened to the passive monster in us all. Sandy Hook provided an opportunity for us to see it in sharp relief.

Yet lamentably, still relatively few actually see the problem, which is this: that certain unutterably great evils can be committed on a grand scale right before our eyes and yet most of us, even Christians, though we know it is going on, act as if nothing is happening. We are inexplicably untouched, unaffected, and unmoved, and as a consequence we do practically nothing to stop it.


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